Activities / Projects completed

After its establishment since 2006, FoNSE has accomplished several activities in collaboration with government and non-governmental organizations. Some of the major accomplishments include the following:

  1. Organized five consecutive annual conferences that brought researchers, scientists, government policy makers, academics and others together to sharing of ideas and concepts in the areas of food science, nutrition and beyond
  2. Prepared published and distributed conference proceedings to members and stakeholders. Besides, quarterly newsletter with a focus on nutrition issues has been published and distributed to members and partners on timely bases.
  3. FoNSE in collaboration with EPHI, has organized mid-year conference in 2010 with the aim of disseminating National Nutrition (NNP) Baseline Survey results and discussed on the way forward on Food Consumption Survey that was aimed to be used as an input for implementation of Food Fortification in Ethiopia.
  4. FoNSE has developed a web site for ease of communication with its members and as a means of disseminating relevant and timely information in the area of Food Science and Nutrition in the country. In addition, it has posted research articles and its newsletters on its web for wider circulation and use.
  5. FoNSE has brought forward timely and burning Food Safety issues to be addressed by organizing panel discussions and has created awareness among its members and supporters on issues concerning food safety in the country.
  6. FoNSE has hosted Nutrition Radio Show program to create awareness on   Vitamin A supplementation in Ethiopia for a period of 6 months
  7. FoNSE has provided support for Training of FMHACA Food Inspectors on food inspection.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  8. FoNSE activities in implementation of National Food Fortification Plan of Action:
    •  Organized conference and panel discussion on Central Iodized Facility (CIF))
    •  Conducted Media Briefing about CIF
    •  Organized policy makers' training on large scale iodized salt production
    •  Produced a documentary film production on IDD and its consequences
  9. FoNSE has Manufactured and Distributed of Simple Iodization Machine (SIM) to salt producers and conducted Monitoring and Evaluation of the use of SIM.
  10. FoNSE has Established Internal Quality Control Laboratory for salt producers and provided training on the subject.
  11. FoNSE has Conducted Process Capability and Product Acceptability Study and Distributed SIM to Salt Producers.

our Priorities

Strengthening FoNSE by developing a strategic plan to guide its activities and future directions, advocate for Nutrition & Food safety issues
Supporting the implementation of the NNP

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our Strategy

The Food Science and Nutrition Society of Ethiopia aims to address Food Science and Nutrition problems in Ethiopia by realizing its vision, mission, and objectives, through the following key strategies:

  1. Building capacity of the society

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