Background of FoNSE

The Food and Nutrition Society of Ethiopia (FoNSE) is a non-profit membership-based Professional Society established in January 2006 with the aspiration to assist the efforts of the Government of Ethiopia to improve the nutritional status of the people. The Society was initiated by concerted effort of the Food Science and Nutrition Research Department of the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI). Currently, FoNSE has over 300 members. It is a legally registered Professional Society in accordance with the new Charities and Societies Proclamation No. 621/2009 with a major objective of promoting and implementing nutrition programs and to provide guidance consistent with and in support of the purpose of the society as stated in the constitution.

FoNSE has a broad membership bases including Food Science and Nutrition Professionals, Public Health Specialists, Physicians, Dieticians, Nurses, Laboratory Technologists, Chemists, Biologists, Biochemists, Food Technologists, Food Engineers, and other interested professionals willing to promote Food Sciences and Nutrition in Ethiopia. FoNSE supports the implementation of the National Nutrition Program which aims to alleviate nutrition problems through appropriate intervention, operations research, surveillance and other nutrition activities.

The first annual conference of FoNSE was organized in 2006 because of unreserved financial and technical support and collaboration obtained from members, and sponsors: FMOH, WHO, UNICEF, WFP and EPHI. EPHI has played a pivotal role in the establishment and support of FoNSE since its inception. The Association has an advisory board elected and delegated by members to advice, oversee and direct its programs and activities.

FoNSE has a long way to go and expected to play critical role in addressing enormous consequences of the double burden of malnutrition in Ethiopia..

There are several roles that FoNSE should play to fill some of the gaps in nutrition programs implementation in the country. By using its rich professional expertise and in collaboration with government and other partners, FoNSE can bring significant changes in the improvement of the nutrition situation of the country. Cognizant of this, it is important to have a strategic plan that is tailored towards strengthening the association to meaningfully contribute to the implementation of the National Nutrition Program that is meant to address micro-and macro-nutrient malnutrition as well as the double burden of nutrition problems in the country.

FoNSE has now a well-developed strategic plan to guide society’s activities in an organized and accountable manner. This strategic plan is a five year document which covers years from 2014-2018 and provides a clear roadmap and strategic priorities to realize its vision and accomplish its mission in the coming five years.

our Priorities

Strengthening FoNSE by developing a strategic plan to guide its activities and future directions, advocate for Nutrition & Food safety issues
Supporting the implementation of the NNP

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our Strategy

The Food Science and Nutrition Society of Ethiopia aims to address Food Science and Nutrition problems in Ethiopia by realizing its vision, mission, and objectives, through the following key strategies:

  1. Building capacity of the society

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Contact Address

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