FoNSE General Objective

The objective of FoNSE is to support the implementation of the National Nutrition Program and to provide guidance consistent with and in support of the purpose of the society.

FoNSE Specific objectives

  1. Playing active advocacy role on food and nutrition issues by providing accurate, appropriate and timely information to policy and decision makers and the public at large.
  2. Playing an active role on the ongoing efforts to improve food security.
  3. Playing active role in nutrition policy/strategy development and guideline formulations.
  4. Play active role in coordinating and conducting research, enhancing the quality of food and nutrition through researches and promoting the professional standard.
  5. Fostering professional networking in the country through establishing various fora (regular conferences, workshops, seminars, symposia, journal, newsletter, web sites and etc) for exchange of information and experiences in the fields of Food and Nutrition,
  6. Promoting collaboration with national and international organizations in the overall aspects of food and nutrition (implementing nutrition actions, research, training and etc).
  7. Developing and making periodic updates of food and nutrition information data bank, facilitate its use by scientists and organizations in the related fields.
  8. Assisting food industries in research and development.
  9. Actively collaborate with national, regional and international associations working on food and nutrition related activities.
  10. Providing food and nutrition consultancy services.
  11. Advocating for the establishment of food and nutrition training institutions and participate in the establishment process and provide teaching services.
  12. Assisting members to get training opportunities.
  13. Participating in rehabilitation efforts following disasters.

our Priorities

Strengthening FoNSE by developing a strategic plan to guide its activities and future directions, advocate for Nutrition & Food safety issues
Supporting the implementation of the NNP

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our Strategy

The Food Science and Nutrition Society of Ethiopia aims to address Food Science and Nutrition problems in Ethiopia by realizing its vision, mission, and objectives, through the following key strategies:

  1. Building capacity of the society

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Contact Address

( Inside Ethiopian Public Health Institute )
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