FoNSE Core Values

FoNSE embraces values that permeate all aspects of the society’s activities and relationships with others. FoNSE is committed to achieving excellence in the performance of its activities; to the promotion of best practice and transparency in governance and administration; and in sharing FoNSE’s ideals and values with members, staff and other stakeholders. The Society promotes equality in all areas of activity; invests within ethical boundaries and supports the move towards the regulation of the nutrition profession. These core values provide critical context for the new FoNSE Strategic Plan and are listed below:

  1.  Integrity-Acts ethically with accountability for life-long learning and commitment to excellence
  2.  Innovation-Embraces change with creativity and strategic thinking
  3. Accountability: Willingness to take responsibility for action and outcome, and obligation to demonstrate that work has been conducted in compliance with agreed rules and standards including performance measures
  4. Stakeholders focus-Meets the needs and exceeds the expectations of internal and external customers

our Priorities

Strengthening FoNSE by developing a strategic plan to guide its activities and future directions, advocate for Nutrition & Food safety issues
Supporting the implementation of the NNP

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our Strategy

The Food Science and Nutrition Society of Ethiopia aims to address Food Science and Nutrition problems in Ethiopia by realizing its vision, mission, and objectives, through the following key strategies:

  1. Building capacity of the society

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Contact Address

( Inside Ethiopian Public Health Institute )
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