NSA-NNI Emerging Researcher Award

Sponsored by the Nestle Nutrition Institute

The Nutrition Society of Australia - Nestle Nutrition Institute Emerging Researcher Award encourages first author original research publications by NSA postgraduate student members in international journals in the area of nutritional sciences.

To review the criteria and application form for the Nestle Nutrition Institute Emerging Researcher Award for 2022, please click here

The closing date for this application is 1 June 2022.


Application criteria

The NSA-NNI Emerging Researcher Award is conferred to an NSA member who:

  • be a financial member of the Society

  • be enrolled as a full-time or part-time postgraduate student

  • be a first-time, first author who has published an original research article (excludes systematic reviews and meta analyses) since January of the previous year. The article may have been published in hard copy and/or electronic form. (Note: those who have previously published as a lead author are ineligible however those who published as a co-author are eligible to apply for this award), and

  • attend the NSA ASM in the year the award is offered (Please note the 2022 NSA ASM will be held in Perth, Western Australia).

Please note:

  • No more than one NSA-NNI Emerging Research award may be conferred in any one year
  • Previous NSA Nestle Nutrition Institute Emerging Researcher Award prize winners are ineligible to apply.  

Nomination and assessment procedures

Nominations for the award must be emailed to the Nutrition Society of Australia at info@nsa.asn.au as a single pdf attachment titled: "YourSurname_NSA NNI Emerging Researcher Award.pdf" and with an email subject line titled: "NSA-NNI Emerging Researcher Award Application 2022 - [name of nominee]"

The nomination will be assessed on:

  • 200 word lay summary on the potential of the work to translate into improving health (45%)
  • research quality of the paper (30%)
  • journal ranking and journal impact in the field (25%).

The application must also include:

  1. the application checklist

  2. a title page, listing the following:

    • Applicant’s name

    • Journal name

    • Impact of the journal

    • Planned career development activities

    • NSA prizes previously won (Name & Year)

  3. a PDF copy of the nominated paper 
  4. 200 word statement of why the nominated paper is important in terms of nutrition research; its potential to translate into improving health; and how it is distinguished as high quality research (including impact/ranking of the journal);
  5. a statement on applicant’s contribution to the project and the paper;
  6. the applicant’s CV (maximum 2-page); and
  7. a biography of approximately 200 words which may be used for publicity (NSA newsletter and website, and for introducing the winner at the ASM presentation of the Award).

Items 1-7 must be combined into ONE PDF file with the titleYourSurname_NSA NNI Emerging Researcher Award.pdf"

Applications should be emailed to: info@nsa.asn.au, with the subject line “NSA-NNI Emerging Researcher Award Application – [nominee name]”.

The deadline is COB June 1, 2022.


Presentation of the award

The award is presented at the Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) by the President of the Society (or his/her nominee). The award prize will include a certificate and $1,500. NSA gratefully acknowledges the generous financial support provided for this award by the Nestle Nutrition Institute.


Additional benefits and expectations

The new Awardee must:

  • submit a report (up to 150 words) to the NSA within four weeks of attending the conference
  • attend the NSA ASM in the same year as the award is offered.


NSA-NNI Emerging Researcher Award Recipients


Virginia Chan


Susan Ward


Gloria Yeung


Sharayah Carter


Rhoda Ndanuko


Anna Chu
Keren Papier


Kaveri Pathak


Mandy Ho


Catherine Bondonno


Hayley Scott


Gunveen Kaur


Melinda Phang


Michelle Micallef