ANTF Early Career Development & Travel Award 

Sponsored by the Australian Nutrition Trust Fund

The aim of this award is to recognise and encourage original research by early career NSA members and support participation in eminent, scientific conferences OR career development activities such as online courses. Multiple awards will be on offer, with the maximum amount awarded being $1000. While applications for open access journal article fee will be considered, preference will be given for attendance at courses/ activities. 

To review the criteria and application form for the Early Career Development & Travel Award for 2022, please click here.

The closing date for this application is 1 June 2022.


Application criteria

The award is open to early career NSA members.  All papers published or accepted for publication in a high-quality journal since January of the previous year are eligible. Applicants are judged based on their contribution to the paper, and the contribution of the research to the field.

For application criteria, please refer to the information and link above. 

The ANTF Early Career Development and Travel Award awarded to an NSA member who:

  • be a financial member of the Society who has paid for a minimum of two consecutive financial years (i.e. 2020 onwards) at the time of application submission;
  • is a PhD candidate or has a PhD that was awarded up to five years previously (awarded after 1 July 2017 or relative to opportunity);
  • have had an original nutrition research paper, systematic review or meta-analysis published or accepted for publication in hard copy and/or electronic form since January of the previous year, in a high-quality, peer-reviewed nutrition or nutrition-related journal;
  • be the first named author of the publication;
  • submit a report (up to 150 words) to the NSA for publication in the NSA newsletter by June 30th 2023; and
  • attend the NSA ASM in the same year as the award was received (Please note: the ASM in December 2022 will be held in Perth, Western Australia).

Please note:

  • Previous NSA Early Career Development & Travel Award prize winners are ineligible to apply

Nomination and assessment procedures

Nominations for the award must be emailed to the Nutrition Society of Australia at as a single pdf attachment titled: YourSurname_ANTF EarlyCareerDevelopment&Travel Award.pdf and with an email subject line titled: ANTF Early Career Development and Travel Award Application 2022 - [name of nominee]

The nomination will be assessed on:

  • a 200 word lay summary on the potential of the work to translate into improving health (40%)

  • research quality of the paper (20%)

  • journal ranking and journal impact in the field (20%)

  • quality of the nominated conference which the candidate will attend and statement of benefit (20%).

The application must also include:

  1. the application checklist

  2. a title page, listing the following:

    • Applicant’s name

    • Journal name

    • Journal ranking in the field and impact of the journal

    • Planned career development activities

    • NSA prizes previously won (Name & Year)

  3. a PDF copy of the nominated paper
  • a 200-word statement of why the nominated paper is important in terms of nutrition research; its potential to translate into improving health; and how it is distinguished as high-quality research (including impact/ranking of the journal);

  • a statement on applicant’s contribution to the project and the paper;

  • a statement on how the proposed professional and career development activities will enhance the applicant’s career; and

  • the applicant’s CV (maximum 2-page); and

  • a biography (up to 200 words) which may be used for publicity (NSA newsletter and website, and for introducing the winner at the ASM presentation of the Award).

Items 1-8 must be combined into ONE PDF file with the title "YourSurname_ANTF EarlyCareerDevelopment&TravelAward.pdf"

Please note: Retrospective applications will be considered if the conference was attended in the same year as the award. If circumstances are such that the awardee is unable to use this award within the specified time frame, the awardee may apply for an extension by writing to NSA at on application.


Presentation of the award

The award will be presented at the 2022 ASM in Perth, Western Australia. 


Additional benefits and expectations

The new Awardee must:

  • submit a report (up to 150 words) to NSA for publication in the NSA newsletter by June 30th, 2023
  • register for and attend the NSA ASM in the same year as the award was received.

Early Career Development & Travel Award Recipients

Reports can be read in full here

Eleanor Dunlop 
Heidi Staudacher
Matthew Snelson
Rochelle Davis 

Caroline Tuck
Lydia O'Meara 
Soriah Harvey
Stephanie Partridge


Hiba Jebeile
Megan Whatnall 
Arpita Das 


CK Yao
Caroline Gizenaar 
Megan Gow
Rebecca Leech


Nicola Bondonno
Simone Peters


Emma Halmos
Katherine Livingstone


Natalie Lister
Catherine Bondonno


Carley Grimes


Amy Ryan
Hayley Scott


Kacie Dickinson


Jessica Biesiekierski
Meika Foster
Melinda Phang


Amina Khambalia
Jiansong Bao


Sarah Cicerale
Sushil Dhital
Niikee Schoendorfer
Flavia Fayet
Kath Markwell
Rebecca Reynolds


Bianca Benassi
Alexis Hure
Victoria (Vicki) Inglis
Michelle Micallef
Rebecca Reynolds
Lisa Smithers