Study Pathway

If you are a current nutrition student or are thinking about a career in the field of nutrition we have a number of resources and opportunities to help you in your journey.


What it means to be a nutritionist

A nutritionist is a person who provides advice on matters relating to food and how it impacts on health. Nutritionists can design, coordinate, implement and evaluate population health interventions that are designed to improve health and wellbeing through food and nutrition. Nutritionists may also work in a variety of other occupations including research, as nutrition consultants in public health or in industry as nutrition communicators and food technologists.

A nutritionist is not qualified to provide medical advice or medical nutrition therapy. This is the role of a dietitian. A dietitian holds qualifications that allow them to work in a hospital, community or private practice and allows them to prescribe dietary treatment, and ongoing monitoring of clinical competency.

In Australia there is no legal protection over the title ‘nutritionist’, which means that anyone can call themselves a nutritionist even if they do not have proper qualifications. To protect the nutrition profession, the Nutrition Society of Australia has a voluntary system of registration for nutritionists. Applicants undergo a rigorous assessment to confirm their qualifications and experience before they are granted registration.


Become a nutritionist

There are a diverse range of qualifications that can lead to a person becoming a nutritionist. Learn about the various qualifications and pathways that are available.


Student mentoring group

The NSA Student mentoring group aims to foster a supportive environment for our student members in their studies and future careers in nutrition science.


Student awards

NSA offers a number of different awards to student members, for:


Student Travel Grants for ASM

Student Travel Grants are cash grants that are provided for students who are presenting their research in oral or poster form at the national Annual Scientific Meeting. These grants cover part of the airfare from your city to the city where the conference is taking place. Applications for the grant must be submitted at the same time as you submit your abstract, usually in late July or early August.

Student-only ASM events

  • Student Masterclass

A student masterclass is held each year immediately preceding the ASM. It is free if you are a student and have paid to attend the conference.

  • Young Investigator meet-up

The Young Investigator meet-up is an opportunity for students to meet and chat informally with top researchers over a free breakfast or lunch.