About NSA


The Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA) is a group of qualified, practising scientists and educators from diverse disciplines who are brought together by a common interest in the research and application of nutrition. Founded in 1975, the Society is represented across Australia by Regional Groups and managed by the NSA Council.

NSA has nine Regional Groups around Australia: Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Sydney, Tasmania, and Wollongong. Each group has its own local organising committee and hosts local events.

The overall operation of the Society is managed by the NSA Council. The Council comprises elected office-bearers, representatives from the Regional Groups, and a small number of invited members who perform specific roles such as managing the NSA webinars and newsletter. Council members meet every three months by teleconference or face-to-face and NSA Executive meet on a monthly basis. We employ a secretariat for financial and administrative management of our affairs.


Who we are

Our members include human nutritionists, dietitians, medical practitioners, nurses, allied health professionals, agricultural scientists, veterinarians, food scientists, teachers and students. Members are bound by a code of ethics.


What we do

Our members meet locally as part of Regional Groups and nationally at the Annual Scientific Meeting. The Annual Scientific Meeting showcases the latest in nutrition research, from a variety of international, national and local speakers. There are also opportunities for nutrition students to present their work.

NSA has a monthly national newsletter that is emailed to members with information about nutrition events and news, job and training opportunities, as well as awards and prizes. NSA also hosts regular national webinars to help members stay well-informed about new developments in nutrition.

Our partnerships with associated organisations work to strengthen ties among researchers working in the field of nutrition and provide NSA members with professional networking opportunities.

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Our mission

The Society's core mission is to promote the scientific value and relevance of nutrition science in Australia. We aim to be at the hub of Australian nutrition-related sciences and industries, focusing on mutual scientific support of members and the science of nutrition.


Register of Nutritionists

NSA has established a Register of Nutritionists to recognise and encourage high standards of professional training in nutrition in Australia. Find out more and register.


NSA membership

If you are an NSA member, in addition to the public information on our website, you will have access to the members-only section. Find out more, sign up or renew your membership.


More information

To find out more about NSA, please read our frequently asked questions or contact us