Meet the Mentors

NSA Mentors 2022


Andrew Sinclair

  • Bio: Andy Sinclair has 50 years experience in nutrition teaching and research, mostly focused on lipids. He has worked interntaionally in Canada, London, Northern Ireland and China. He is the Deputy Editor of the Br J Nutrition, has recieved several career awards and is a Fellow of the NSA.

  • Type of Mentoring Available: One-on-one mentoring

David Henman

  • Bio: David has been a Registered Animal Nutritionist in Australia since the beginning of the program. David has a Master of Science in Veterinary Science from Sydney University and worked in the commercial environment of piggeries and feedmills with PIC, Colborn Dawes (later DSM) and Rivalea for 35 years. Management roles in nutrition and pig research over the last 25 years including a founding role in the initial PORK CRC and its research committee and an active member in Australian Pig Science Association since its inception and has conducted over 200 experiments both commercial and published. He has developed a worldwide network of commercial and academic contacts to collaborate with on projects to benefit the Australian pig Industry.

  • Type of Mentoring Available: One-on-one mentoring    

Flavia Fayet-Moore

  • Bio: Flavia leads a team of highly skilled researchers to conduct end to end nutrition and communications projects. Flavia obtained her Honours Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Toronto, and both her Master of Nutrition and Dietetics and PhD in nutrition from the University of Sydney. She is a member of the Nutrition Society of Australia, the Dietitian’s Association of Australia, a founding board member and fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine. Flavia is passionate about improving the health of Australians, especially among children and adolescents, through research and its communication.

  • Type of Mentoring Available: One-on-one mentoring, Peer mentoring, Group Mentoring

Kate Borland 

  • Bio: I am a self employed Public Health Nutritionist in the alcohol and drug sector. My work is one of a kind and I use skill based learning with education to empower people in recovery to take personal inventory and responsibility for their OWN health and wellbeing. I bring a lived experience concept of honesty into my practice of nutrition by inspiring people to overcome great adversity. I have 15 years in the sector in which I designed and facilitate my kbnewtrition workshops in both residential and dayhab detox programs. I am passionate about wellbeing and love being able to witness people following their dreams. Nutrition is not just about corporate entities but building healthy communities, the menu I wrote and designed in one of the detox centres I work has proven to me that my method gets results. We must marry nutrition to all our roles in our daily lives, we are our healthcare.

  • Type of Mentoring Available: Group Mentoring

Kristina Vingrys

  • Bio: Kristina is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and Registered Nutritionist (R.Nutr) currently working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University College Dublin, Research Fellow and nutrition lecturer at Victoria University. Kristina also works in private practice, primarily in chronic disease management. Her research interests focus on diet disease relationships including associations between childhood obesity and dietary inflammation, nutrition and cancer, bioactive compounds, built environments and planetary health. Kristina enjoys mentoring and is keen to work with nutritionists to help support their professional development goals. In her spare time, Kristina is an avid reader, enjoys baking, swimming, trail running and spending time with her kids, menagerie and veggie garden.

  • Type of Mentoring Available: One-on-one mentoring

Leanne Cooper

  • Bio: I started out in business in 1998 teaching a healthy eating course at nights and grew this acorn into an internationally approved health and wellbeing training college, Well College Global. I’m passionate about the wellbeing of our communities, and I see it as a great honour to have a vehicle with which I am able to drive this with authenticity and integrity. I thoroughly enjoy partnering with and empowering others to find their entrepreneurial spirit, so they too can breathe life into a business enabling them to lift themselves and their community.

  • Type of Mentoring Available: One-on-one mentoring

Melinda Coughlan

  • Bio: Associate Professor Melinda Coughlan is a group leader in the Department of Diabetes within Monash University's Central Clinical School, Melbourne, Australia. She studied Biology and Nutrition before obtaining a PhD from The University of Melbourne. Dr Coughlan completed postdoctoral training at the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute in Melbourne before moving to Monash University in 2016. Her research focuses on gaining an understanding of the molecular mechanisms driving the development of diabetes and its complications, with an interest in dietary mediators of disease, including advanced glycation end products

  • Type of Mentoring Available: One-on-one mentoring

Romy Bursztyn

  • Bio: Romy Bursztyn is an integrative nutritionist, wellness speaker and educator, health and body image coach and mentor. She is also currently CEO of a not-for-profit food-based charity Our Village Kitchen. Romy has worked extensively in the health care industry since her youth and has continued her focus specifically in the nutrition and food industry over the past 20 years.

  • Type of Mentoring Available: Group mentoring

Ros Sambell

  • Bio: Lecturer, researcher and Nutrition Lead - Bachelor of Health Science, member of the; Institute of Nutrition Research; Centre for People, Place and Planet, at Edith Cowan University; Chair of the National Nutrition Network – Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC); International Expert Advisory Panel for the WPHNA Review of PHN Competencies Project; Vegetable Intake Strategic Alliance/Veg-Kit; and, Key stakeholder representative involved in the development of National Allergy Strategy minimum standards for anaphylaxis management in school and ECEC. Expertise in community nutrition intervention design and development, knowledge brokerage and translation to improve population health outcomes through system change.

  • Type of Mentoring Available: One-on-one mentoring, Peer mentoring, Group Mentoring

Roxanne Tan

  • Bio: Roxanne Tan is a registered nutritionist with food industry specialisation. Her experience spans food writing & nutrition journalism, food photography and styling, and over 5 years as a nutrition specialist in large FMCG. Combining business and marketing savvy to drive nutrition outcomes, Roxanne champions nutrition leadership in leadership roles first as Senior Nutritionist, and now as Brand Manager, for some of Australia's largest and most well-known food brands.

  • Type of Mentoring Available: One-on-one mentoring, Peer mentoring

Saman Khalesi

  • Bio: Saman is a Postdoctoral Fellow of the National Heart Foundation of Australia, and a Senior Lecturer in Nutrition CQUniversity, Australia. He has >55 peer-reviewed publications with >1300 citations (2015-2020 SciVal Filed-Weighted Citation Impact > 3). The central theme of his research is to build the capacity of consumers to make informed food choices. His SaltED project aims to develop a low cost, highly accessible and personalised 24/7 online coaching program to reduce salt intake to prevent and manage hypertension. Also, together with his collaborators, he investigates the role of lifestyle and gut health in our mental and physical health.

  • Type of Mentoring Available: One-on-one mentoring, Group Mentoring

Sarah Burkhart

  • Bio: Dr Sarah Burkhart is a Senior Lecturer in Nutrition in the School of Health and Behavioural Sciences, and the Australian Centre for Pacific Islands Research at USC. Sarah’s research uses a food systems lens to explore nutrition education and food provision in Pacific Island school settings and to understand determinants of food security in this region. Sarah has extensive experience leading externally funded projects and working with stakeholders from across food systems. Sarah is a co-founder of the Pacific School Food Network and has experience in supervising and mentoring undergraduate and HDR students, as well as teaching.

  • Type of Mentoring Available: One-on-one mentoring

Sarah McNaughton

  • Bio: Professor McNaughton is a nutritional epidemiologist in the School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences and Deputy Director of the Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition (Deakin University). She completed her PhD at the University of Queensland in 2003, and was appointed a Research Scientist in the MRC Centre for Human Nutrition Research (Cambridge, UK). Since joining Deakin University, she has held fellowships from the NHMRC, Heart Foundation and Australian Research Council. She works with external stakeholders such as VicHealth, Food Standards Australia New Zealand, the Heart Foundation, Nutrition Australia and the Australian Bureau of Statistics to inform policy and practice.

  • Type of Mentoring Available: One-on-one mentoring

Shiva Greenhalgh

  • Bio: Small animal nutritionist, specialising in companion animals and poultry. A lot of work entails working on commercial product development i.e pet food, treats etc but also working with pet owners and vets in clinical nutrition. I have a Bachelor of Science ( Zoology) and a Master of Animal Science ( Animal Nutrition).

  • Type of Mentoring Available: One-on-one mentoring, Peer mentoring, Group Mentoring

Sze-Yen Tan

  • Bio: I am an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian and Registered Nutritionist. I completed my PhD at the University of Wollongong and post-doctoral training at the Ingestive Behavior Research Centre at Purdue University (USA). Prior to joining Deakin University, I was a Lecturer at the University of South Australia and a Senior Research Fellow at the Singapore Institute of Clinical Sciences. My research focuses on weight regulation and metabolic health in adults, with special interest in nuts and human sensory function. I am an Associate Editor of Nutrition & Dietetics and First Editor of British Journal of Nutrition.

  • Type of Mentoring Available: One-on-one mentoring



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