Membership Types

If you are studying or working in a nutrition related field, or have retired from the field, NSA membership can offer you a host of benefits. Application for membership is considered by the NSA Council from individuals with a suitable qualification in nutrition science. 



NSA requirements for membership is for an appropriate qualification in science at Bachelor level, or equivalent, which includes a major sequence in human nutrition and at least one other related subject area (including physiology, biochemistry, public health, consumer affairs, physical education/human movement, food science or other as determined on an individual basis by Council.

If the course offered by the college/university meets the Australian Qualifications Framework level 7 Bachelor’s degree and has been verified through the AQF Register then it is considered a Bachelor’s degree. We verify if the organisation meets these requirements using the webpage. You can check whether your institution and course is registered with TEQSA by going to

If you studied your degree overseas, please have your qualification assessed by the Overseas Qualification Unit in your state and provide the assessment in your application.  Please bear in mind that no course guarantees Registration and the final decision is at the discretion of Council.

Ordinary Member

An Ordinary Member of the Society is an individual whose application has been considered and accepted by the NSA Council and whose membership has not been terminated due to their subscriptions being in arrears.

Members must hold a three-year Bachelors degree or equivalent. Eligible institutions of study should be a registered provider on the National Register of the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA). Applicants holding alternative qualifications may be considered by the NSA Council. Evidence of qualifications are required upon submission.


Student Member

Two levels of student membership are available for undergraduate and postgraduate students studying nutrition related subjects.

  • Undergraduate Student Membership of the Society shall be open to students studying a bachelor's or Honour's degree with nutrition and/or related subjects as a major.

  • Postgraduate Student Member of the Society shall be open to students studying a postgraduate degree (e.g. Masters or PhD) in a nutrition and/or related subject.

Eligible institutions of study should be a registered provider on the National Register of the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA). Evidence of nutrition science qualification is required for both the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Student Membership categories upon submission and renewal of membership. Upon course completion, student members may be eligible to become an ordinary member.

Retired Member

The Retired Member category is open to members who have retired from full-time employment. Evidence of retirement is required upon submission. 


Parental Leave Member

The Parental Leave Member Category is open to members who demonstrate to Council that they are on parental leave at the time of joining NSA, or at the time of renewal of their membership of NSA. Evidence documenting period of parental leave is required upon submission.


Honorary Members

Honorary members are elected by Council for members who have rendered eminent service to the Society. Honorary members are nominated by Regional Group committees, or by Council. Honorary members receive complimentary life membership of the Society.


Corresponding Members

Corresponding members are members in any category who elect not to belong to any Regional Group.