NSA Code of Ethics

In order to maintain a high standard of professional conduct, members of the society shall:


  1. Maintain the highest standards of integrity, fairness and scientific honesty consistent with NHMRC Health and Research Ethics guidelines.
  2. Use scientific principles and current knowledge in their nutrition related activities and recognise the need for continual critical evaluation of nutrition science.
  3. Not provide clinical nutrition advice unless appropriately qualified to do so. Membership of the society (with or without registration) does not qualify an individual to recommend medical nutrition therapy.
  4. Not promote or endorse nutritional practices or products in a misleading or unethical manner.
  5. Provide services with objectivity of judgement based upon substantiated information, recognising that legitimate differences of opinion may exist.
  6. Respect confidential information.
  7. Engage in respectful behaviour and avoid adverse comment upon the character, competence or integrity of members of the Society and others.
  8. Declare and manage any real or perceived conflicts of interest.
  9. Not engage in conduct likely to bring the Society into disrepute.